Wall Mounting Metal Enclosures Metal Fabrication Enclosure Equipment Enclosure

Wall Mounting Metal Enclosures Metal Fabrication Enclosure Equipment Enclosure
Product Details

Qingdao Baoxin Machinery Co.,Ltd. has focused on high quality metal fabrication,steel fence,laser processing,powder coating and painting products for over 15 years in Qingdao,China.We started as a small operation,but now have grow up one of the biggest metal fabrication supplier in Qingdao,China.

We are now offering the following service and products:Metal Fabrication,Metal Plate,Steel Fence,Track Industry Cabinet,Telecommunication Cabinet,Laser Processing,Powder Coating and Painting,Auto industry,Steel Rack and Logistic equipment,Wrought Iron,Animal Husbandry Equipment


Wall mounting metal enclosures metal fabrication enclosure equipment enclosure


 SECC, SGCC, galvanized steel, Steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Bronze, etc.

Producing process

Laser cutting, CNC punching, bending, pressing riveting, welding,  deburring, grinding, surface finishing, assembly and package

Surface Treatment

powder coating, painting, galvanizing, anodising, chrome plating, brushing, polishing, silk-screen, printing, sandblasting

Service Type




Quality Control

Computer quality control system


Industry, Mining, Marine, Public Utilities,Automatic machine, Medical device, Automobile, Electric appliance etc