Wire Mesh Fence

Wire Mesh Fence
Product Details

Wire fence introduction:

Fence material


Use high-quality low-carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire.

Surface treatment of fences

Plastic spray, galvanized, dip plastic.

Fence technology

Drawing by wire rod - Pre-cut, cut-off - Automatic CNC welding machine Automatic welding forming (braiding) --- Bend / Coil --- Fixed frame cutting, welding--Pipe support cutting--Connection attachment welding-- Blue base welding - quality inspection - surface treatment (galvanized, sprayed, impregnated) - secondary quality inspection - inspection qualified, permitting delivery - loading transport - delivery to the user.

The structure of the fence

Post + border

The column is made of square steel pipe. The net frame is made of small rectangular square pipe. The position of the column and frame is welded to the flat iron stamping lugs. The column and the frame are fixed by bolts on the connecting lugs. The bottom of the column is welded to the bottom plate. The base plate of the column is fixed to the ground through expansion bolts.


Columns can be used in both round and square shapes, and the mesh grid rectangles are relatively large. The forms of the net body are various, the structure is simple, and it is both firm and beautiful. It not only plays a role in isolation and protection but also plays a decorative role.

According to the different styles, they can be divided into: bilateral wire fences,


 municipal fences, 




isolation nets,



frame net fences, 


hook flower fences, 


steel net fences, 



Steel wire fence common specifications

Silk: 3.0mm-5.0mm

Aperture: 7×15, 8×16, 9×17

Size: 1.8m×3m, 2m×3m

The use of wire fences

Wire fences are used for a very wide range of applications. Fences are often used for boundary isolation or for area division and regional protection. Widely used in: fences for isolation and protection of various sites such as industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, highways, railways, national defense, airports, ports, municipal fences, greening, grasslands, orchards.

Wire fence features

Braided, PVC-impregnated surface treatment, electrostatic spraying surface treatment. Strong and durable, not fade.