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Zinc Steel Fence

               Zinc Steel Guardrail zinc steel fence refers to the use of zinc alloy materials used in different parts, with different functions of the enclosure railings, because of its late stage is the use of electrostatic spraying surface layer, so high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance, bright color and other advantages, as residential areas, factories, road traffic and other use of mainstream products. The traditional guardrail uses the iron bar material, needs to use the welding and so on craft technology, moreover the texture is softer, is easy to rust, the color is single. The zinc steel balcony guardrail perfectly solves the shortcoming of the traditional guardrail, and the price is moderate, becomes the traditional all kinds of guardrail material substitute product. The zinc steel guardrail is assembled by the method of no weld insertion (also has the process need local welding, but to do zinc treatment before spraying, the substrate thickness is 2-3 times the stainless steel, more than 500 kinds of colors to choose from, the surface of the use of polyester antioxidant powder electrostatic spraying, enhance the guardrail of anti-oxidative ultraviolet radiation, weathering resistance to decay. With zinc steel as the base material, the products used in the building guardrail are mainly: balcony guardrail, protective windows, stair handrails, fences, garden fences, shutters, air conditioning fences, road guardrail. Industrial fences (such as factory fences, commercial fencing), agricultural fences (such as field fences, livestock pens), civil fences (e.g., roof fences, fencing walls, etc.), public utility fences (such as road compartments), etc. Use more widely.Steel Fence

             Zinc Steel Guardrail profile of the substrate for high-temperature hot-dip zinc material, hot dip zinc refers to the high quality steel into the thousands of degree of zinc liquid pool, soaked up to a certain time after the zinc liquid will penetrate into the steel, so that it forms a special zinc steel alloy, hot-dip zinc material surface without any treatment in the field can be up to 30 years of corrosion, such as: Highway guardrail, High-voltage Electric tower is the use of high temperature zinc dipping material, its rust-proof up to 30 years, completely resolved over the years rust, beauty and security between the problems.Steel Fence

            Zinc steel Balcony Guardrail accessories using life expectancy of up to 50 years of modified High-strength engineering nylon, its strength, hardness is much higher than ordinary steel materials, each square metre can withstand the pressure of more than 183MPA, 2729MPA tensile force, can withstand 220 ℃ below high temperature deformation and other advantages.Steel Fence