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Wire Mesh Fence Installation Points

Wire fence net, bending fence net, bending wire fence net. Its installation adopts a unique embedded hook design, so that the post and fence net form a solid whole.


The main points for installation of steel wire fence fences are as follows:

1. Before the installation, cut the part of the wire at the bends at both ends and cut the part to a small T-shape. Otherwise, the mesh cannot be hung in the groove.

2. The column is fixed or embedded by post expansion cement with expansion screws. Push-type installation is convenient and quick.

3. Triangular wire mesh The mesh of the wire fence is hung in the groove of the column. To fix it, we have a clamp specifically designed for installation, as shown in the figure. After installation, the clip can be removed or left as a trim and clip. 4. The triangular bending wire fence net is a peach-type pillar. The mesh and the pillar can be installed at an angle. Therefore, it is not necessary to estimate the turning point, which is very practical. Wire mesh grid enclosure wire grid structure is concise, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, installation is not limited by terrain fluctuations, for the adaptability of mountains, slopes, and more curved areas, with other wire fence fence unmatched advantages. Wire mesh enclosures are generally used in large quantities, and the affordable wire fences can be either double wire fences or Dutch nets. The

Wire enclosure fence, bilateral wire fence fence specifications: Dip wire diameter: 4.0-5.0mm