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Wire Fence Products Benefits

Expressway Protection Network The grid structure is concise, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, installation is not limited by topography fluctuations, and it is particularly adaptable to mountainous terrain, slopes, and multi-bend zones, and it has the advantages that other structural barriers cannot match.


Product specifications of the wire fence: (1). Dip 2.8mm-6.0mm; (2). Mesh: minimum 12.5cm maximum 25cm; (3). Maximum size: 2400mm X 3000mm; (4). : Diameter 48mm, 60mm; (5). Frame: 14mm × 20mm, 20mm × 30mm; (6). Accessories: Rainproof cap connection card bolts; (7) Connection: card connection; Other specifications can be customized according to requirements!

Steel wire fence products advantages: 1. Grid structure concise, beautiful and practical. 2. Easy to transport, installation is not limited by terrain fluctuations. 3. It is especially adaptable to the more curved areas of mountain slopes. 4. The price is low, suitable for large areas. Main Markets: Railway Closed Network Highway Closed Network Playground fence, durable/beautiful/open vision, good protection.