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Wire Fence Manufacturers Durable Products

The characteristics of wire fence fence: made by welding, after PVC surface treatment, durable, not easy to fade. Scope of application: Widely used in China's roads, railways, highways, airports, ports, docks, gardens, livestock, and other protection.


Wire fence installation precautions:

1. Accurately grasp the information of various facilities when installing wire fences, especially the exact location of various pipes buried in the roadbed, and do not allow any damage to underground facilities during the construction process.

2. When the steel wire nets are struck too deep, they must not be pulled out of the alignment. The foundation must be rebuilt before entering or adjusting the position of the column. When approaching depth during construction, attention should be paid to controlling the hammering force.

3. If the flange plate is to be installed on the bridge of the expressway, pay attention to the positioning of the flange plate and the elevation of the top surface of the column.

4. If the steel wire fence is used as a collision fence, the appearance quality of the product depends on the construction process. During the construction, attention should be paid to the combination of the construction preparation and the pile driver, continuously sum up experience, strengthen the construction management, and install the wire fence network. Guaranteed.

Appropriate bending creates a unique aesthetic effect of the product, and the surface uses a variety of colors of dip processing, such as yellow, green, red, column and mesh with different colors is more pleasing, at the same time Many kinds of products use the column with the chassis, the installation just hit the expansion bolts, very fast.

Applicable occasions for wire fences: Closed railway networks, living area fences, field fences, development zone isolation networks, etc.

Steel wire fence net is a kind of fence product connected by vertical net plus net net. The product is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire. The forms of anti-corrosion are electroplating, hot-dip plating, plastic spraying and dipping.

Wire fence network advantages:

1. The pillars of the fence fence are made of concrete castings and the construction cost is low.

2. High strength and overall stability.

3. In the mesh is PVC color plastic layer has a good anti-corrosion and decorative effect.

4. The use of highway fence nets will make the perimeter of the perimeter harmonious and beautiful. It is mainly used as isolation and protection on both sides of highways and railways. It is a professional barrier product for railway and road closures.

The anticorrosive paint process consists of primer and topcoat. If there is no primer and only topcoat, the antirust effect will be greatly reduced because the primer is to remove some of the rust on the metal surface. Some enamels on the metal surface are covered, and the area is formed on the surface of the metal surface with a rust-proof protective film, so that the metal surface is not eroded by nature.