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What Is The Role Of Grassland Fence For The Management Of The Ecological Environment?

It is an important technical measure to improve grassland productivity. General fence grassland than the natural grassland yield 2 to 3 times higher. Grassland fence is a widely used in the Americas Europe to protect the ecological balance, to prevent landslides in the livestock fence, especially in the rainy mountains in the net outside the sewing layer of sunscreen 120 grams of nylon woven cloth to block the sand out so rapid development in recent years The


1.Metal wire fence Metal wire fence sub-thorn wire fence, metal fence and thorn line mixed fence three forms. Among them, the metal fence and thorn line mixed fence is better. Metal fence in Australia and New Zealand and other countries have long been popular, and more for sheep farms. Over the past two years, China has begun to promote the use of this fence set up to facilitate the first erection of latitude line, and then a special tool to screw the warp, the formation of network fence.

2. Stabbed mixed fence. Also called the barbed wire and galvanized line mixed fence. Fence piles generally use stakes or cement piles, can also be used steel piles or stone piles. Pile length is usually 2 meters, underground depth of 0.85 mm, the ground exposed 1.15 mm. Fence lines are generally galvanized iron wire and barbed wire two. Erection of technology is simple, easy maintenance, and economical and practical.

3. Electric fence. This fence is mainly used for grazing farms abroad. China from the fifties began to try electric fence, because the pulse control length of only l km, limiting its use and promotion in the grasslands. In recent years, the relevant scientific research departments have developed a control length of more than 30 km of the AC and DC pulse, the effect is okay. It uses 12 galvanized lines for fence lines.


   Grassland fence features: the structure of new, solid and sophisticated, flat mesh, uniform mesh, integrity, toughness, not close, non-slip, compression, wind, rain regardless of local natural conditions, how long, ten years. Even if the local cut, the local pressure is not to loose deformation phenomenon, and has a strong anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation capacity, there are general steel wire mesh do not have the advantages. But also to overcome the welding wire welding point easy to open welding off the shortcomings of a one-time installation will never loose.

   Grassland fence can be used for pasture grassland construction, can be built around the grassland and the implementation of fixed-point grazing, column grazing, grassland resources to facilitate the use of plans to effectively improve grassland utilization and grazing efficiency, to prevent grassland degradation, protection of the natural environment. Establishment of family farms in agriculture and animal husbandry to set up border, farmland boundary, forest nursery, mountain closed forest, tourist area and hunting area enclosure, construction site isolation and maintenance。