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Welding Method And Application Of Steel Frame

    The domestic design of Dalian 72-meter portal-type silo storage warehouse, the span of the big is very rare. This is because as the span increases, the deflection of the rigid frame beam and the bending moment of the beam-column joint increase significantly, the control of the rigid frame is often the span of the rigid frame beam deflection, this time the use of high-strength steel can not solve the problem, need to increase the frame section.Steel Frame

     At this point, the increase in the section is to control deformation, not fully utilizing the strength of steel. Therefore, the general large-span solid-abdominal portal frame with a significant increase in steel volume, economic indicators greatly reduced, weakened the light weight of light steel structure of the advantages. China's self-designed 72-meter gantry silo Storehouse, the largest section has reached the 1800ⅹ300ⅹ12ⅹ14, with steel (only the frame part, excluding the enclosure structure) to achieve the 7kg/m2.Steel Frame

     In view of the above problems, there are several solutions, such as the use of prestressed lattice-type portal frame, in the ordinary solid-abdominal portal rigid frame column top layout straight-line prestressed cable. However, prestressed lattice rigid frame exerts prestress on part of the rod, the layout of prestressed cable is more complicated, and the complicated structure of the joints is inconvenient to the construction.Steel Frame

    The Gantry rigid frame column top layout straight-line cable must wait for the rigid frame to apply the prestressing force after the whole installation, unable to avoid high-altitude. Moreover, the efficiency of the linear prestressed cable in the rigid frame is often not fully exerted, and the prestress is disadvantageous to the plane stability of the beam. In order to increase the degree of stiffness and reduce the amount of steel structure, this paper presents a new type of prestressed steel structure with cable support.Steel Frame

    Tandong steel frame shed, must choose both strong anti-rust, and can resist wind, snow steel pipe. Generally for the fabricated galvanized thin-walled steel pipe structure (GP series) or galvanized steel pipe shed. The specification of the fabricated galvanized thin-walled steel pipe shed is: the span is generally 6-8m, the top height is 2.5-3m, long 30-5om, vent height 1. $number. 8m. Pipe wall thickness 1. $number. 8mm of thin-walled steel pipe made of arch bar, pole, rod, steel pipe spacing 0.6-1m, hot-dip galvanizing in and out to prolong service life.Steel Frame