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Three Bars Of Zinc Steel Fence

Zinc steel is made of high temperature hot galvanizing process has a strong anti-rust corrosion resistance of the product. High-temperature hot-dip galvanizing process is to heat the high-quality steel to 800 degrees -1000 degrees, and then into the melting of the zinc pool has been soaked in the process of soaking zinc will penetrate into the steel inside and outside the formation of zinc steel alloy layer, Zinc layer of three-dimensional protection, pipe surface zinc content of 60-80mm / ㎡, making anti-rust ability than ordinary cold plating 7 times stronger than ordinary hot galvanized more than 5 times. And we are in the production of fence when not directly use soaked steel, but in a plus polyester powder coating, anti-rust ability doubled, diverse colors, outside the beautiful, no welding process, direct interspersed, easy to install and easy.

Zinc steel fence specifications are many, according to the use of different into different specifications, for example: balcony guardrail, protective window, staircase handrails, garden fence, blinds, air conditioning guardrail, road guardrail, balcony specifications Tube 40 * 80, balcony 40 * 80 face tube 32 * 32 horizontal tube 19 square tube, glass balcony 30 * 60 face tube, 35 * 35 groove tube, 40 * 40 column, 30 * 60 40 * 40 20 * Tube, 30 * 60 40 * 40 30 * 40 22 * 22, the fence is divided into: four cross bar with double flowers; three bar with a flower; three bar two cross bar; one-way bend;