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The Working Principle Of Mechanical Automatic Cartoning Machine

This equipment feed is generally divided into three entrances: the entrance of the brochure, the vial entrance and the machine box entrance. The entire process from the machine box feed to the final package molding can be divided into four stages: the next box, open, fill, and cover. The lower box action is usually by a sucker from the carton feed port to draw a carton, down to the box on the main line, by a rail card bit to the carton and open a tray with a push plate, and there are two The forward movement of the card bit rises from below, stuck from the front side to the side of the tray, opening the box at right angles and moving to the loading area. After filling the filling area, the machine's body will fold the ears into the left and right rails, and then cover the action. The front cover closes the tongue of the carton, and then has a push plate pushing the lid to bend, insert the tab into the box and fasten the lock. Cover action is a key action, the completion of good or bad and the structure of the carton and the degree of accuracy of the machine has a great relationship.