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The Principle And Characteristics Of Laser Processing

             The principle and characteristics of laser processing are analyzed, and the application of laser cutting, laser welding, laser surface quenching, laser cladding, laser alloying, laser die-free forming and laser marking plus t technology in the agricultural automobile industry is discussed.Laser Processing

             1 Principle of laser processing: laser is a kind of coherent light with high strength, good directivity and good monochrome. Because the laser divergence angle is small and monochromatic, theoretically can focus on the size and light wavelength of similar (micron even dish micron) small spots, plus its own high strength. So the power density of the focal point can reach 105~1013 $literal. The temperature can reach 10,000 °c above. At such a high temperature. Any material will be instantaneous melting and vaporization, and explosive high-speed injection out, at the same time produce a strong directional impact. Therefore, laser processing is the synthesis process of high temperature melting and shock wave thrown by the workpiece under the light heat effect.Laser Processing

             2 Characteristics of laser processing: the characteristics of laser processing are the following aspects: first, almost all metal and non-metallic materials can be laser processing; can be micro-and precision machining. such as micro-housing seam and micro-hole processing: Three are available mirrors to the laser beam to the isolation room or other locations for processing; four is processing without cutting tool, belongs to Non-contact processing. No mechanical deformation: Five is no need for processing tools and special environment, easy to control the continuous processing. High processing efficiency, deformation and small deformation of heat.Laser Processing