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The Effectiveness Of Powder Coating & Painting

(PP) ﹑ polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ﹑ polyamide (nylon) ﹑ ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) ﹑ polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) ﹑ fluoride resin, etc. also obtained a certain amount of thermoplastic powder coating development of. The late 90s, in order to meet the new safety or weather resistance requirements, Europe and the United States have developed a number of special performance of the powder coating varieties. It is generally believed that in the epoxy, epoxy / polyester, polyester and acrylic powder coating varieties, polyester resin powder coating is the most ideal powder coating, in recent years, China's powder coatings developed rapidly.Powder Coating & Painting

Polyester resin is a key component of thermosetting powder coatings, and its performance directly affects the performance of powder coating. Although China's polyester resin products have been able to meet the requirements of users, but in the use of performance stability and other developed countries there are still some gaps.Powder Coating & Painting

How to effectively control the synthesis of polyester resin intermediates and the final product of the physical parameters, as we study the problem. I think the polyester resin melt viscosity is an important factor. I am in the company's research shows that through the polyester resin melt viscosity control, the resulting resin quality and reproducibility. There are many factors that affect the melt viscosity of the polyester resin. It is important to understand the influence of these factors and how to control these factors in the synthesis. It is of great significance to obtain the polyester resin with stable quality.Powder Coating & Painting

Polyester and polyol under normal pressure esterification of polyester resin obtained by the low degree of polymerization, low molecular weight, η low, resulting in powder coating defects. (Tg) and softening point (Sp) of the polyester resin are higher than those of the polyester coating, and the melt viscosity of the polyester resin is higher than that of the polyester coating Of the leveling, the coating serious orange peel. Vacuum is too high, and may even occur in the storm reaction, melt viscosity increased in the order of magnitude.Powder Coating & Painting