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The Choice Of Fence Should Pay Attention To What Matters?

Faced with the current market, an array of fence products, many customers are entangled in the end what kind of choice of fence products, what material selection, what price of the fence, which I have their own years of experience in these products Talk about your own point of view, and hope that your choice can be helpful. The same time as

First, on how to choose the fence problem, the first is to determine the role of the fence, that is, you buy the fence is intended to use where, is to do the factory fence, or residential quarters fence, or farm fence Fence, or the original brick on the basis of want to increase the fence of the fence, or to protect the fence of the fence, etc., only to determine its role, and then choose what material barrier on the local conditions. This is a brief introduction to some fence use.

Double wire fence: fence products is the most easy to use a protective product, because of its simple production process, low prices, fast delivery and other advantages favored by the users. Generally applicable to the construction site fence, temporary construction fence and other simple protection places, easy to install. Rijian company fence products rugged, beautiful appearance, quality standards, is your best choice.

Triangle bending fence: high strength, good steel, handsome in appearance, wide field of vision, easy to install, feel bright, relaxed, both from the role of fence, but also from the beautification. Has been widely used in highways, highways, railways, airports, factories, factories, residential quarters, port terminals, municipal green space, garden flower beds, green decoration protection.

It is suitable for large-scale use. It is suitable for large area, especially for mountainous, slope and multi-bend zone. It is suitable for large area. Mainly used for road protection, hillside fence, planting base, municipal green space, forest, garden flower beds, production greenhouses, green space, roads, airports, port green fence, railway closed network, highway closed network, field fence, Separation and protection of industrial and mining schools in various stadiums.


High-speed anti-vertigo network: for the highway, steel plate uplift of the stem can effectively reduce the night driving the other side of the strong light caused by a sense of vertigo. So that the highway traffic more comfortable and safe. Modern highway isolation, community isolation, factory isolation, and so has a wide range of applications.

Stadium fence: is a flexible braid, field combination installation does not require welding. Good corrosion resistance, a volleyball court, tennis court, basketball court and one fence products are often subject to external shocks, the best choice of venue, the stadium is designed for the design of new protection products, widely used in schools, institutions stadiums, sports grounds , Basketball court fence, tennis court fence, soccer field fence, volleyball fence, badminton fence and other sports training venues to use.

Rail Fence: Fence products are specialized for both sides of the railway, the entire body with net column concrete pouring, construction cost is low, the overall high strength, good stability, color plastic layer on the network has good resistance to corrosion and Decorative effect, the overall harmony and beauty. Mainly for the railway closed highway fence and the development zone and the area around the fence use

Double ring fence: with high strength, good steel, handsome in appearance, wide field of vision, easy to install, feel bright, relaxed, for highways, airports, municipal green space, garden flower beds, green units, port green decoration protection.

Temporary fence: also known as mobile fence and simple fence, are widely used in construction sites or mines for temporary protection. Can also be used for large public activities to maintain the order of the security barrier.

Warehouse isolation grid (warehouse isolation network): widely used in the workshop warehouse or between the market stalls isolation, good protection performance, the biggest advantage is the small footprint, increase the effective space, translucent strong auxiliary lighting facilities require low.

Airport fence: Also known as the airport fence, the airport fence, it is a special use for the airport outside the security protection of the use of fence products.

Prison fence: is a new type of protective net, made of sharp corners galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet blade, wire made of core combination of protective equipment. Prison fence can be installed horizontally, can also be on the wall twice Installation, effectively prevent climbing. Straight thorn gripper isolation zone, is the use of cylindrical and ordinary barbed wire horizontal, vertical, oblique cross-bound to gill network isolation zone. Mainly used for special areas, military bases, circle care, trench ring protection, easy installation, economical and durable.

Second, the current market fence by material classification, mainly divided into mesh fence, cast iron fence, aluminum fence, PVC fence, stainless steel fence and zinc steel fence. The same time as

Cast iron fence: low corrosion resistance, serious corrosion; poor impact resistance, brittle easy to break, strength is not enough; spacing is too large or not enough, easy to climb drilling, safety is poor; the production process serious environmental pollution, maintenance costs, Rust-proof paint caused by secondary environmental pollution and damage to the human body.

Stainless steel fence: sunshine into a reflective, dazzling and other light pollution, the winter gives the feeling of cold, wall thickness is too thin, strength is not enough, easy to bend deformation.

PVC fence: product modeling handsome, and solid, good corrosion resistance, quick and easy installation, beautiful structure, and environmental coordination is good, is the preferred city of environmental engineering products, its bright colors, smooth surface, high strength, toughness, Corrosion-resistant, anti-static, do not fade, no crack, not brittle advantages, become the most decorative effect of the fence boutique, clean and spacious streets and bright beautiful fence, each Yinghui, built a beautiful landscape, for us Of the city add luster; let our high-grade urban construction to a new level.

Zinc steel fence: assembled design, quick and easy installation; rich colors to meet the individual customers of the fence of the individual needs; good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and humidity performance, suitable for different areas of use; Surface, so that the barrier has a good self-cleaning performance, rain erosion and water gun spray can be smooth as new.

Third, as to what the price of the fence should also be based on the unit or individual economic situation, the protection of the object may be, it is best to choose some good material, beautiful design, protective role of the fence is most appropriate.