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Structure Of The Storage Rack And Its Role

   There are many types of storage racks, mainly multi-storey storage racks, folding storage racks, attached storage racks and automatic storage racks and other types. Commercial storage racks are more detailed.Storage Rack

   Storage rack classification:

1, spare parts storage rack: combined with the back-linked parts box and multi-purpose hook accessories, not only for all types of materials finishing, more suitable for small materials, tools, parts and all kinds of special-shaped items custody classification, full and effective use space. Hook and square hole hanging plate with the use of any change hole, positioning fast, safe and secure, to meet the various types of tools set management, saving time to find; back hanging parts box and louver hanging plate with the use of hanging easily Color labels, small materials, parts available color management classification storage;Storage Rack

2, the box storage rack: can be placed in multiple layers of goods, the following with the wheel, when not in use can be folded, greatly save the warehouse space;Storage Rack

3, stacking frame: folding folding and folding can not be folded two kinds, respectively, and other non-standard shape of tires and other goods. Storage racks are light and easy to install, easy to install and disassemble, easy to use, can be placed in offices, warehouses and other places to use, for the finishing of goods have a very good effect, and does not take up space, reasonable design, in line with three-dimensional structure.Storage Rack

   Unique structure: the use of carbon steel chrome mesh and pillar combination, its unique shape structure, design dexterity, easy loading and unloading, clean and bright, solid carbon steel chrome mesh can promote air circulation, reduce dust accumulation, open design , So that storage can be seen at a glance.Storage Rack

   Flexible: the pillars have a groove for each inch, and are free to adjust the height of the mesh (in increments per inch). Can be arbitrarily combined according to actual needs, can be extended to the left and right (the same width) or forward and backward connection (the same length). With a variety of accessories, can be combined into a variety of functional products, such as with V-hook, light tube, can be combined into the rack; with the direction of the handle, the wheels can be combined into a dining car or cart; , Side panels, can be combined into bookshelves and so on.

   Widely used: product type, specifications are very complete, can be suitable for any space needs, can be composed of different uses of products, such as kitchen series, living room series, bedroom series, study office series, as well as shopping malls, hotels, factories or home series, Display stand series. Heavy force: micro series of each layer can carry 50KG mesh, home series of each layer can carry 100-250KG.