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Storage Rack

                 Scattered pieces of storage racks: combined with back-hanging parts box and multi-purpose hook accessories, not only suitable for various types of material finishing, more suitable for small materials, tools, parts and all kinds of special-shaped items for safekeeping classification, full and effective use of space. The hook is used in conjunction with the square hole hanging plate, can be arbitrary change hole position, positioning fast, safe and secure, to meet the various tools of the fixed management, save time to find; back hanging parts box and louver hanging plate with the use, hanging easy, with color labels, small materials, parts can use color management classification storage;Storage Rack

                 box-mounted storage racks: can be divided into multiple layers of goods, the following wheels, when not used can be folded, greatly saving the warehouse space; stacking racks: can be folded stacking and foldable stacking two, respectively, such as the tires of non-standard shape goods storage.

                  The storage frame is lightweight, easy to install, easy to use, can be placed in offices, warehouses and other places to use, for the collation of goods have a very good effect, and do not occupy space, reasonable design, in line with the three-dimensional structure.

                  Bathroom storage Racks play a big role in daily life, we usually use toilet paper, soap and shampoo can be placed on top. Therefore, we should consider its material in the purchase of bathroom shelves, a better material of the storage racks not only more beautiful, but also more complete functions, the use of time can be longer.

                   This multi-functional toilet storage racks, is the basin and storage racks fully integrated, the cabinet under the basin can be easily opened, no need to close, beautiful generous, more space-saving. In the locker, we can put on the use of common skin care products, the bottom layer on the clean towels, life is such petty bourgeoisie, all convenient pole.Storage Rack

                   Storage Rack is a main washing supplies, bath towel and other storage racks, with convenient, recycling, fashion and other characteristics. Suitable for placement in toilets and bathrooms, it is a popular home storage rack. Commercial storage racks are used to place small objects, parts, materials, etc.Storage Rack