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Steel Frame

                 Pre-assembled installation method to install steel frame, is to the boiler on both sides of the steel structure of the whole and then installed. In order to ensure the accuracy of assembly, it needs to be done on the combined platform. The composite platform consists of steel and fairway. The position of the steel frame combination platform is preferably near the boiler. If the site is far from the boiler base, it should be located in the convenient transportation side of the road, and in the lifting and hoisting facilities within the scope of work. The site of the composite platform must be flat and solid. The steel position of the platform should be staggered with the beam, bracket and so on. The height of the composite platform should be easy to weld, generally ≥0.5m. The plane of the platform should be horizontal, if not in the same plane, the steel plate will be flat. The platform should be inspected after erection. The method of inspection is to use the leveling instrument or the glue tube level instrument, the glue tube level instrument should be fixed part, the other end moves the measuring point, carries on the analysis adjustment.Steel Frame

                 The center position and contour line of each column are drawn on the steel section of the composite platform. The diagonal method is used to check the underlined accuracy and to indicate the center dimension of the column. The angle steel position is set at the edge contour of each column. The columns are hoisted to the composite platform and each line is arranged in place, and the bottom of the column foot is kept in the same line, so that the next step is to install the beam in contrast to the bottom measurement size. After assembling the column bottom and the top ends of the beam, assemble the middle beam. Then install the pallet, bracket. The positioning welding is used in the group alignment. The whole piece of steel frame is inspected after welding, the geometrical dimensions of each part are measured, and the deformation is ascertained. After all welding, should again check the size of the various parts and deformation occurred. If the variance is poor, it must be trimmed or reworked until qualified. Finally, the spot welded round bar at the center line of the top side of the two side column and the middle pillar is 50-100mm, which is used as the correction position of the suspension line hammer during the installation. Welding platform escalator bracket, and remove all temporary welding parts.Steel Frame

                  When the steel frame is assembled, it is transported to the boiler base. According to the hoisting plan, the lifting point should be strengthened when necessary to improve the rigidity of the steel frame and prevent the deformation during hoisting. The steel frame with small weight, large rigidity and little area can be completely suspended from the ground in the air. This method is called the ground lifting method. Combined steel frame weight, hoisting capacity is insufficient, can not make the steel frame off the ground, or the combination area is larger, the stiffness is slightly worse, may use the column foot support on the ground to make the drag movement method, is called the ground lifting method. In order to prevent the damage of the concrete base surface by the ground method, the steel plate or plank should be placed on the column cushion iron.Steel Frame