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Steel Fence Maintenance And Quality Standards

First, the maintenance of stainless steel fence

1, be careful not to surface scratches. Do not use rough and sharp materials to scrub the surface of stainless steel, especially the mirror, to use a soft little, easy to fall off the fabric to scrub, sand and brushed surface, to follow the lines to wipe, or easy to engage in flower surface The

2, to avoid the use of bleaching ingredients and abrasive cleaning solution, wire balls, grinding tools, etc., in order to avoid residual washing liquid, corrosion of stainless steel surface, the end of the wash with cleansing water to wash the surface.

3, stainless steel fence surface dust and easy to get rid of dirt, soap can be used, weak wash to wash, binder ingredients, use alcohol or organic solvent scrub.

4, stainless steel protective pile surface grease, oil, lubricating oil pollution, with a soft cloth wipe clean, later with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with a special detergent cleaning.

5, stainless steel surface with bleach and a variety of acid attached, immediately rinse with water, and then ammonia solution or neutral soda solution of sulfuric acid dip, with a neutral detergent or warm water washing.

6, stainless steel protective pile surface with rainbow pattern, is too much use of detergent or oil caused by washing with warm water neutral wash can be washed away.Steel Fence

7, stainless steel protective pile surface dirt caused by rust, available 10% nitric acid or grinding detergent washing, can also be used special washing drug washing. As long as we use the correct maintenance method, you can extend the life of stainless steel, to keep its clean, bright, gorgeous style.Steel Fence

8, according to the different environment we can be appropriate to use different cleaning cycle, in order to maintain the stainless steel fence, stainless steel protective pile surface gorgeous and clean, it is necessary for long-term use of stainless steel for periodic washing and management.Steel Fence

Second, zinc steel rail quality standards

1, all components should be accurate to ensure that the workpiece length to allow the deviation of 1mm.

2, the components must be checked before cutting down, or must be straightened.

3, welding electrodes or welding wire should be used for the welding of the material varieties, and should have factory certificate.

4, welding parts must be placed in the exact location.Steel Fence

5, welding parts between the solder joints should be solid, the weld should be full, the weld surface welding wave should be uniform, no undergone, not welded, cracks, dross, welding tumor, burned, Craters and needle holes and other defects, welding area shall not have spatter.Steel Fence

6, welding is completed, the welding slag should be net.

7, component welding assembly is completed, should be properly equipped with hand-held grinding and polishing, so smooth and smooth appearance.