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Stability Of Laser Processing

Solid-state lasers have good stability, but low energy efficiency is generally 3%, because the output energy is small, mainly used for punching and spot welding and thin plate cutting. (Neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) as a working substance. YAG is the most powerful ion laser in a solid laser. The crystallization Masterbatch of YAG is composed of yttrium, aluminum and garnet, in which the trace neodymium ions just act as laser. YAG laser wavelength of 1.06μm, equivalent to 1/10 of the carbon dioxide gas laser kun long.Laser Processing

Its green laser beam can be applied in the case of pulse or continuous wave, which has the advantages of wave length, good concentrating, suitable for precision machining, especially for hole processing under pulse, and can also be used for cutting, welding and lithography. And because of the good concentration, can pass through the optical fiber transmission energy, suitable for the inner cavity processing and other specific, its energy efficiency less than CO2 gas laser source of up to 3%, the current product output power is mostly under 600W, the largest has reached 4kW. Another ruby laser source has a shorter wavelength of 0.69μm, good stability, but energy efficiency 0.1%~0.3%, mainly for drilling and spot welding.Laser Processing The optical pump is the excitation light source which causes the particle inversion of the working matter to produce stimulated radiation, so the emission spectrum of the optical pump should match the absorption spectrum of the working substance. The commonly used light pump has pulsed xenon lamp and Krypton lamp, the luminous intensity and frequency of pulsed xenon lamp is higher, suitable for the Pulse Working Group laser, and the luminescent spectrum of Krypton lamp can match well with the absorption spectrum of YAG, and is the ideal optical pump of YAG CW Laser. In order to improve the uniformity of irradiation, light pump can be used double lamp.Laser Processing