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Selection Principle Of Logistic Equipment

             Logistics machinery and equipment is one of the main working tools of modern enterprises, which is the basis of reasonable organization of mass production and mechanized flow-shop. For the third party logistics enterprises, logistics equipment is the material and technical basis of organizing logistics activities, which embodies the logistics capacity of enterprises. Logistics equipment is the material base of logistics system, along with the development and progress of logistics, logistics equipment has been promoted and developed. Many new devices are emerging in the field of logistics equipment, such as four-direction pallets, high-lift forklift, automatic sorting machine, automatic guide van (AGV), container, etc., greatly reduce people's labor intensity, improve logistics operation efficiency and service quality, reduce logistics cost, play an important role in logistics operation, greatly promote the rapid development of logistics.Logistic Equipment

            This is for the ability of logistics equipment to deliver goods, including adaptability and practicality. Logistics enterprises in the selection of transport equipment, to fully take into account the actual needs of logistics operations, the selected equipment to meet the characteristics of goods and freight volume, can be flexible and easy to operate under different operating conditions. Practicality involves the proper selection of the equipment function. Logistics equipment is not the more the more the better, because in the actual operation, does not need too many functions, if the device can not be fully utilized, it will cause the waste of resources and funds. Similarly, too few functions can lead to inefficient logistics enterprises. Therefore, according to the actual situation, the correct choice of equipment functions.Logistic Equipment

            This is increasingly becoming a major factor in selecting equipment and measuring equipment. Reliability refers to the ability of the equipment to fulfill the specified functions as required, and it is the stability and maintenance of the equipment function in time. But the reliability is not the higher the better, must take into account the cost problem. Safety requirements for the use of equipment to ensure the safety of persons and goods, and as far as possible not to endanger the environment (in line with environmental requirements, less noise, small pollution).Logistic Equipment

            This mainly refers to the low cost of equipment use, the entire life cycle costs. Sometimes, the advance and low cost will conflict, which requires the logistics enterprises to consider the applicability of the basis, to make a reasonable choice.Logistic Equipment