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PVC Landscape Fence Installation Steps:

1, PVC landscape fence is to add the reinforced material, so the installation process is the need for column steel lining, in this process need to be between the steel liner spacing design size uniform, must be consistent, so as to ensure that semi-finished and pre- Assembly can be successful connection.

2, followed by horizontal, solid fence installation, steel lined in accordance with the size of the installation after the connection, began to focus on the installation, mainly to strengthen the installation of accessories, to strengthen the accessories must be installed in place, or guardrail can not stand Wind and rain, and in the construction site, to be fixed, barrier between the cross-column and column connection is required to be fixed.

3, PVC landscape fence Before installation, is the need for a solid foundation, because the fence is required to be fixed in the cement or soil below, so the installation of the fence, the foundation must be stable, generally can be used mechanical expansion bolt And chemical screwdriver in such a way to be fixed, mainly to the column steel lining of the floor to a fixed, fixed in the lower part of the center of the center of a straight line uniform.

4, adjust the benchmark, in the straight line distance, the full pull, the upper and lower limits need to have two parallel lines, so you can ensure that after installation, the upper and lower ends of the fence is straight.