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Process Parameters Of Laser Processing

With the development of lasers to high power and the use of high-performance CNC and servo systems, high machining speed can be achieved by using high-power laser cutting, while the heat affected zone and thermal distortion can be reduced. The material that is able to be cut is further enhanced by the thickness of the plate, and the high-power laser can be used by using a Q-switch or loading the pulse wave, So that low-power lasers produce high-power lasers.Laser Processing

According to the influence of laser cutting process parameters, the machining technology is improved, such as: increasing the blowing force of the auxiliary gas to the cutting slag, adding the slag to increase the fluidity of the melt, increasing the auxiliary energy and improving the coupling between the energy and the laser cutting with higher absorption rate. Laser cutting will be a high degree of automation, intelligent development direction. Using/and artificial intelligence in laser cutting, a highly automated multifunctional laser processing system is developed.Laser Processing

To the Multi-functional laser Processing Center development, the laser cutting, laser welding and heat treatment and other processes after the quality of feedback integration, to give full play to the overall advantages of laser processing. Three-dimensional high-precision large-scale CNC laser cutting machine and its cutting technology, in order to meet the automotive and aviation industries, such as the need for cutting three-dimensional workpiece, three-dimensional laser cutting machine is to high efficiency, high-precision, multi-function and high adaptability direction of the people's exhibition, laser cutting robot applications will be more and more Laser cutting is moving towards the FMC, unmanned and automatic direction of laser cutting unit.Laser Processing

The workpiece is quickly heated to the boiling point under the laser action, and some materials turn into steam escape, and some of the material is blown away from the bottom of the cutting seam. This kind of cutting machine is no melt material cutting mode. In order to prevent the material vapor from condensing to the slit wall, the thickness of the material must not exceed the diameter of the laser beam greatly. The process is therefore only suitable for application in the case of avoiding molten material exclusion.Laser Processing