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Physical Performance Of The Display Rack

    Acrylic display stand is the current shopping malls supermarkets and many enterprises preferred product display props, is mainly used in acrylic plate designed for the display of products dedicated display stand. Acrylic materials with easy processing, light transmittance, good visual effect, such as the use of acrylic sheet production of acrylic display frame beautiful, crystal clear, in the product display can effectively improve the display of products, highlighting the brand image of products, so as to get a good eye attention. Therefore, the use of acrylic display frame is expanding, especially in cosmetics, jewelry, digital products, watch glasses and other fields are widely used.Display Rack
    But in the process of using acrylic display frame, because some users do not understand the acrylic display frame of the relevant use of knowledge, to a certain extent affected the display of acrylic display shelf effect, exquisite display based on years of acrylic display design experience, summed up the following points of the use of acrylic display frame note.Display Rack
One is acrylic plate hot and cold expansion coefficient is very large, in excessive cold or heating, acrylic display will appear large deformation, so in the design and production of acrylic display frame and daily use should pay attention to the ambient temperature on the acrylic display frame of the effect of the expansion and contraction, to prevent expansion and contraction caused display damage. is to clean acrylic display frame to use the concentration of about 1% of the soap water, high concentration or use of special detergent will also hurt the surface of acrylic display, reduce the surface of the display shelf gloss, affect the visual effect. At the same time, should pay attention to the use of clean soft cotton cloth, avoid using hard objects or dry wipe, to prevent the surface of acrylic display frame was scraped.Display Rack
    Is the acrylic display stand in use should be careful not to contact organic solvents. Because acrylic display frame of raw materials acrylic plate itself is an organic compound, so organic solvents will be the acrylic display frame damage. In daily life, the most common organic solvents include paint, adhesives, paints and detergents and other items, similar to such products in use to pay special attention away from the acrylic display.Display Rack