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PC Computer Cabinet System Selection Classification And Series

PC computer cabinet from the cover, the base, before and after the frame, front and rear doors, side doors, beams, angle gauge assembly molding. Surface sandblasting, spray: the cabinet surface using sandblasting, after the spray surface treatment process; to ensure that the surface of the cabinet coating solid and reliable, Naisuan Jian, corrosion resistance. Once the molding fan unit cover: fan unit shell using a molding technology, effectively reduce the fan vibration, improve the life of the fan unit.

The operation and control system requires a fully equipped chassis series to keep the machine in good condition during the production process. The operation and control system is generally PC-based and operates with heat to prevent damage to equipment and components. Production smoothly, fan cooling equipment is very necessary, Tiger Ocean cantilever control box can provide a comprehensive cooling system, a variety of types to choose from