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Mobile Phone Real Machine Display Rack

             Mobile phone real machine display rack is produced in the United States, used in large-scale mobile phone stores, creating a large number of sales miracle. In 2007-2008, the mobile phone real machine exhibition rack with the Apple quietly came to China, with the Chinese smartphone storm, the mobile phone real machine display rack more and more popular. Now every Apple mobile phone store and Unicom wo Store can see his figure, Samsung motorcycle Nokia has also built their own experiential sales stores, and mobile phone real machine display is really the protagonist of the store.Display Rack

             Mobile phone Real machine display stand is a kind of device used to display the real machine and have burglar alarm function, because of the popularity of smartphones, the function of mobile phones more and more, ordinary counter display or the "oral" display of promotional staff can not allow customers to experience the function of new mobile phones, so the real machine display frame in the background of this era emerged.

             Mobile phone real machine display rack-installation Method 1 will be the exhibition cabinets clean and clean, will be the bottom of the anti-theft frame 3M glue and the exhibition cabinets to paste fastening. 2 the sensor line 3M glue and the back of the exhibition paste fastening. 3 Insert the inductive line into the host. 4) Installation complete.Display Rack

             Why are the main lights on? A: 1: Induction spring line and cell phone/camera is not connected or induction spring line contact switch is not and cell phone/camera back of the best, mobile phone double anti-theft head did not paste, or gum bad. 2: With the remote control on the host click, see if can be extinguished, such as can, the system to return to normal, such as can not, replace a good induction spring line, see if can be extinguished, such as can, System Restore normal if not, host replacement if not, host replacement.Display Rack