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Logistic Equipment Management System

Customer demand has undergone significant changes Traditional storage enterprises are mainly two types of customers: First, manufacturing enterprises; Second, wholesale and retail enterprises. From the traditional distribution channels point of view, business flow from the manufacturer by the wholesale, retailers to the flow of consumers, with the corresponding logistics is from the manufacturer by the storage and transportation enterprises or storage and transportation sector to the wholesale and retail enterprises And then to the flow of consumers.Logistic Equipment

Now, the consumer market customer demand has changed from less varieties, large quantities, fewer batches, long periods to multiple varieties, small quantities, multiple lots and short cycles. In order to meet the major changes in customer demand, commodity distribution channels have undergone large-scale restructuring, led to the reorganization of logistics channels, logistics in the field of logistics centers, distribution centers, to provide logistics, distribution services, traditional warehousing provided Simple storage, transportation, packaging and other services in the logistics channel reorganization gradually integrated, serialized, value-added modern logistics and distribution services replaced.Logistic Equipment

In recent years, China's warehousing enterprises, although from the narrow sector management to the new era of supply chain management, but in the management of the supply chain from the management of the process of change, the new type of management of the management of the management system, management and other aspects of the difficulties, Warehousing management mechanism has not yet sound, the new system has not yet straighten out, the industry association of services, coordination is still very limited.Logistic Equipment

As the management of warehousing involves railway, civil aviation, transportation, internal and external economic and trade, agriculture, military logistics and other departments, how to promote the joint management and management of the warehousing industry, there are different systems and departments of coordination and unified management issues. At the same time, the establishment of independent distribution system and direct selling system of industrial enterprises, the increase of product variety and the increase of suppliers will make the warehousing enterprises not meet the shortcomings of low efficiency, service is not flexible, poor distribution ability and not meet the rapid response of modern supply chain Requirements, resulting in cooperation with the manufacturers to provide appropriate inventory control, distribution and other logistics value-added services and other issues more prominent.Logistic Equipment