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Laser Processing Characteristics, Principles And Construction Technology

    Laser engraving is the most common application of laser systems. According to the mechanism of the interaction between the laser beam and the material, laser processing can be divided into laser thermal processing and photochemical reaction processing. Laser thermal processing refers to the use of laser beam to the surface of the material produced by the thermal effect to complete the processing, including laser welding, laser engraving cutting, surface modification, laser laser marking, laser drilling and micro-processing, etc .; photochemical reaction processing Laser beam irradiation to the object, with high-density laser high-energy photon to trigger or control the photochemical reaction process. Including photochemical deposition, stereolithography, laser engraving etching and so on.Laser Processing

    Laser processing is the use of light energy through the lens after focusing on the focus to achieve a high energy density, by the photothermal effect to the processing. Laser processing does not require tools, processing speed, surface deformation is small, can process a variety of materials. Use a laser beam to perform various materials such as punching, cutting, scribing, welding, heat treatment, etc. Some substances with metastable energy levels absorb light energy at the excitation of external photons so that the number of atoms at high energy level is greater than the number of atoms in low energy - the number of particles is reversed. If there is a beam of light, Energy is equal to the two can be the corresponding difference, then it will produce stimulated radiation, the output of a lot of light energy.Laser Processing

    From the global laser product applications, the material processing industry is still its main application market, accounting for 35.2%; the communications industry ranked second, its share of 30.6%; In addition, the data storage industry accounted for the third , The proportion of which is 12.6%. Compared with the traditional processing technology, laser processing technology with less material waste, in the large-scale production cost effect is obvious, the processing object has a strong adaptability and other advantages. In Europe, the high-end car shell and base, aircraft wings and spacecraft body and other special materials, welding, the basic use of laser technology.Laser Processing