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Introduction To Structural Analysis Of Steel Frame

      The current structure of the house is as follows: 1, brick mixed structure: with bricks and cement built house, generally before multi-storey old room, and home village is this structure. 2, Frame structure: reinforced concrete poured into load-bearing beam and column, and then used prefabricated aerated concrete, expanded perlite, pumice, vermiculite, ceramic rot, such as lightweight plate partition partitions assembled into the house. Suitable for large-scale industrial construction, high efficiency, good engineering quality.Steel Frame
      The frame structure is composed of beam and column, the component section is small, so the bearing capacity and stiffness of the frame structure are lower, and its force characteristic is similar to the vertical cantilever shearing beam, the higher the floor, the more slowly the horizontal displacement, the higher the high level frame in the vertical and horizontal two direction all bears the at this time, the floor surface is also working as a beam together, the Assembly of the overall floor of the role is not considered, the frame structure of the wall is filled with walls, the enclosure and separation, the frame structure is characterized by a flexible use of space for the building, but poor seismic performance.Steel Frame
     This is the structure of the 80-90-year high and small upper echelons. Frame-Shear Structure: framework-shear wall structure, known as the frame-shear structure, it is the combination of frame structure and shear wall structure, absorbing their respective strengths, not only for the building layout to provide a greater use of space, but also has good lateral force performance. The shear wall in the frame-shear structure can be set separately, and can also be used for the wall such as elevator shaft, stairwell and pipe well. Therefore, this structure has been widely used in various types of housing construction. The deformation of the frame shearing structure is the shear bending type. As we all know, the deformation of frame structure is shear type, the upper layer is relatively small, and the lower layer is relatively deformed. The deformation of shear wall structure is curved, and the upper layer is relatively deformed, and the lower layer is relatively small.Steel Frame
     For the frame-shear structure, the bending-shearing deformation is formed because of the coordination of the two kinds of structures, which reduces the relative displacement ratio and the vertex displacement ratio of the cut-off layer, and the lateral stiffness of the structure is improved. The horizontal load is mainly borne by the shear wall. From the view of the force, the lateral stiffness of the shear wall in the frame-shear structure is much larger than the lateral stiffness of the frame, and under the horizontal load, under normal circumstances, about 80% of the shear wall is used. Therefore, the distribution of the floor shear force under the horizontal load is uniform along the height distribution, and the bending moment of each layer is close, which is helpful to reduce the beam-column specification and facilitate the construction.Steel Frame
     In the late 90 's, the top and the top are almost all structurally. Steel frame structure: All are welded steel structure, generally used for ultra-high-level office buildings, or large venues and showrooms. For example, the King's Mansion in Shenzhen, the high hall is this structure.Steel Frame