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Introduction Of Corrosion Of Steel Frame

Iron and steel corrosion is mainly electrochemical corrosion, steel structure in the welding caused by the difference between the material and base material, welding slag and stress will form the corrosion of the battery cathode and anode area, especially the steel surface rust is not complete, the steel surface left a layer Rolled iron oxide. Some people think that this oxide is not rust, it is not true, this oxide is a high temperature corrosion products, mainly iron oxide, it is in a trace of salt water, and steel electrode potential difference of up to 0.26 volts. In the water film, the rolling scale will be used as the cathode, the pure steel forms the anode. The anode is constantly being corroded, the cathode gradually expands, the corrosion product is molded and the steel structure is corroded.Steel Frame Surface treatment is very important, with a paint, the same corrosive environment, the use of throwing spray rust than the manual rust paint life can be extended three times to five times. Should remove the steel surface dirt and rust layer, especially the rolling steel formed when the black oxide, it is electrochemical corrosion of the cathode, is the root of corrosion, must be removed. The surface treatment quality should meet the Sa2.5 grade of steel surface pretreatment before painting.Steel Frame

Surface coated with anti-corrosion paint, is still on the steel structure and the main means of anti-corrosion. Anticorrosive paint according to the protection function can be divided into primer, middle lacquer and finish, paint each layer has its own characteristics, each responsible, several layers together to form a composite coating to improve corrosion resistance and extend the service life.Steel Frame Inorganic zinc-rich primer is based on water glass as the base material, adding zinc powder, mixed brushing. After curing, rinse with water, the construction process is complex, harsh process conditions, the surface treatment must be above Sa2.5 level, the other on the ambient temperature and humidity are required to form the coating easy to crack, peeling, has been rarely used.Steel Frame