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Introduction And Technology Of Laser Processing

       Laser engraving processing is the most common application of laser system. According to the mechanism of laser beam interacting with the material, laser processing can be divided into two kinds: laser thermal processing and photochemical reaction processing. Laser thermal processing refers to the use of laser beam projection to the surface of the material generated by the thermal effect to complete the process, including laser welding, laser engraving cutting, surface modification, laser marking, laser drilling and micro-processing, such as laser beam irradiation to the object, the use of high density laser high-energy photon initiation or control of photochemical reaction process. including photochemical deposition, stereo lithography, laser engraving etching and so on.Laser Processing
       Laser technology is related to the light, machine, electricity, materials and testing of a multi-disciplinary technology, traditionally, its scope of research can be divided into the following 9 aspects: Laser processing System. including laser, light guide system, machining machine tool, control system and detection system, laser processing technology. including welding, surface treatment, punching, marking, fine-tuning and other processing technology; Laser welding: Automotive body thickness plate, automotive parts, lithium batteries, cardiac pacemaker, sealed relays and other sealing devices and a variety of not allow welding pollution and deformation of the device. Lasers with YAG lasers, CO2 lasers and semiconductor pump lasers; laser cutting: Automotive industry, computer, electrical chassis, wood knife mold industry, a variety of metal parts and special materials cutting, circular saw blades, acrylic, spring Gasket, 2mm of the following electronic parts copper, some metal mesh plate, steel pipe, tinplate, galvanized steel, phosphor bronze, electric board, thin aluminum, quartz glass, silicone rubber, 1mm below alumina ceramic tablets, aerospace industry used titanium alloy and so on. YAG lasers and CO2 lasers are used in lasers.Laser Processing
       Laser processing is the use of light energy through the lens focusing on the focus on the high energy density, by the light thermal effect of processing. Laser processing does not require tools, processing speed, surface deformation small, machinable a variety of materials. A variety of materials are processed by laser beam, such as punching, cutting, dicing, welding, heat treatment, etc. Some substances with metastable energy levels absorb light energy under the excitation of exotic photons, the number of high energy atoms is greater than the number of low-energy atoms-the number of particles inversion, if there is a beam of light irradiation, the photon energy equals these two can correspond to the difference, then it will produce stimulated radiation, output a large amount of energy.Laser Processing