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Intelligent Integrated Distribution Box Relative To The Previous Distribution Box Made A Big Improvement! It Is A Technological Innovation!

Distribution box of the electrical components and circuits should be in good contact, reliable connection; not have a serious fever, burning phenomenon. Power distribution board (box) of the door should be intact; door lock should be kept by someone.


Distribution box circuit is divided into a schematic diagram, the second principle diagram, a schematic diagram of the main circuit diagram. The second schematic diagram is the control circuit schematic.

Intelligent integrated distribution box relative to the previous distribution box made a big improvement! It is a technological innovation!

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In view of the current situation of power distribution unit prone to single point of failure, the integration of today's most advanced technological achievements and hardware and software design in one. Dedicated to the engine room power distribution construction and management has brought a whole new experience, mainly used in financial, telecommunications, business, government and other data centers and computer room, the capacity range of 30KVA-160KVA. The entire distribution system uses a standard network cabinet and modular structure design, with a wealth of options, according to the actual needs of the engine room, tailor-made for customers of high-reliability products.

Intelligent distribution box real-time monitoring of the current output of each branch, and can set the output current of each branch abnormal pre-alarm value, such as 16A switch, set the alarm value of 14A, the load exceeds 14A alarm, pre-fault can be found Or man-made hidden dangers, to avoid overload, the switch off the power, causing the entire cabinet equipment power. In addition, the output of the hot-swap circuit breaker selection branch, with take-up phase of the adjustment capability, easy to achieve 3-phase unbalance flexible adjustment, but also in the case of uninterruptible power supply, increase output shunt online, switch replacement.