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Industrial Chain Operation Of Logistic Equipment

    In order to carry on the thorough research to the logistics ability, we need to classify the logistics capability and establish its composing system. Firstly, according to the size of the research scope, logistics can be divided into macroscopic logistics, meso-logistics and micro-logistics. Accordingly, logistics ability can be divided into macroscopic logistics ability, meso-logistics ability and microcosmic logistics ability. The ability of macroscopic logistics refers to the overall logistics ability of social reproduction, which is to understand and study logistics ability from the whole angle of economic society. such as a country's national economic logistics capacity can be called logistics capacity (also known as social logistics capacity).Logistic Equipment

    According to the nature of logistics activities, logistics capability can be divided into supply logistics ability, production logistics ability, distribution logistics ability, recovery logistics ability and waste logistics ability. Specific to an enterprise, is the supply of logistics capacity, enterprise production logistics capacity, enterprise distribution logistics capacity, enterprise recovery logistics capacity and enterprise waste logistics capacity. Logistic Equipment

    In accordance with the nature of logistics business activities, supply chain logistics capacity can be divided into supply chain logistics capacity, supply chain production logistics capacity, supply chain distribution logistics capacity, supply chain recovery logistics capacity and supply chain waste logistics capacity.Logistic Equipment

    From the angle of abstract feature of logistics system, microcosmic logistics ability can be divided into logistics node ability, line ability and network ability (short term ability, line capability and network ability). According to the entity form of supply chain network, point ability can refer to a distribution center, warehouse and other logistics positions in logistics network.Logistic Equipment

    According to the functional characteristics of the logistics system, the logistics functions which need to undergo a long space shift are regarded as the route, and the capability performance is regarded as line capability, such as transportation and distribution. Network capability refers to the comprehensive logistics capability of the whole logistics system network. The point ability and line ability of logistics system network are the important foundation of the network ability of logistics system, but the network ability of logistics system is not the simple superposition of the ability of each points in the system and the line ability, but the organic synthesis between them based on the logistics operation process.Logistic Equipment