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High-tech Laser Processing

      Laser processing technology has been a national key support and promotion of the application of a high-tech, especially the Government stressed to revitalize the manufacturing industry, which gives the laser processing technology applications to bring development opportunities. Laser Processing

      In the formulation of the national long-term Development plan, also the laser processing as a key support technology, because it involves the national security, National defense construction, High-tech industrialization and the development of science and technology, this will raise the laser processing to a high degree of attention, but also to the laser processing machine manufacturing and upgrade bring great business opportunities.Laser Processing

      In recent years, close to the laser cutting machine sales, accounted for about 1/3 of the total. In China, in contrast, laser marking machine sales have accounted for more than 50% of domestic sales of laser processing, in a large range of occupation of the domestic market, and greatly developed the application of the industrial field, it can be said that the application than the foreign face is much broader. Laser Processing

      The industries have been applied in the fields of electronics industry, automobile industry, tool measuring, aerospace, instrumentation, packaging industry, medical products, household appliances, keyboards, panels, advertising signs, card cards, daily necessities, jewellery and diamonds, etc.Laser Processing

      It is worth mentioning that the laser engraving machine is also a rapid development of the product, it is through the laser induced in the glass in the formation of the burst point of light scattering of white stereo interior carving image. This technology has been further developed in the near future. Can be in the glass in a succession of red, orange, yellow, blue, purple and other color patterns, soon products will be put on the market. Add luster to the inside carving products.Laser Processing

      Laser Nano-ceramic alloying technology uses high energy density laser beam to quickly scan metal surface, the nanometer ceramic powder and the surface metal which is placed on the surface of the workpiece are rapidly melted, and then the depth of the surface of the substrate is 0.5~0.7㎜ ultra-fine, high-strength and ductile metal-ceramic alloying microstructure, The microstructure of laser alloying has good resistance to high temperature wear and heat and fatigue resistance. Laser Processing

     The technology is mainly used to repair the damaged parts such as hot roll, guide, continuous casting roller, high temperature fan and so on because of thermal wear and thermal fatigue.Laser Processing