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High-quality Low-voltage Control Panel And Distribution Box Manufacturers To Tell You The Installation Requirements Of The Distribution Box

High-quality low-voltage control panel and distribution box manufacturers to tell you the installation requirements of the distribution box:


 The requirements of the safety switchgear installation just as its name implies safety features, to ensure the safe operation of the substation under the premise of ensuring safety. Here Xiaobian distribution box in Qingdao to introduce some of our safety power distribution cabinet equipment common sense.

      The main components of the safety distribution box consider the following elements:

     1, the construction site distribution system should be installed indoor total distribution screen and distribution box or outdoor total distribution box and distribution box grading power supply, all levels of distribution capacity should be matched with the actual load. Power, lighting should be set away.

     2, the total distribution box electrical rating, action setting value should be shunt switch electrical rating, action settings to adapt. And install a total automatic switch, leakage maintainer and shunt automatic switch.


     3, all kinds of electrical distribution box used in various electrical components and leakage protection should meet the national standard quality requirements.

     4, distribution box at all levels of leakage protection, should be a reasonable placement, played grading, sub-paragraph maintenance effect. Only by doing these tasks can we ensure the safety of the box-type substation and ensure the normal operation of the power engineering.

    The safety distribution box is a kind of electric power installation which places great emphasis on safety. The use of the installation is strictly required according to the requirements and must not be neglected.

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