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Heavy Steel Frame

               Heavy-duty steel rack is a heavy-duty rack, is the most common use of a shelf, has a good practice efficiency. The storage density of the fixed frame is lower, the storage items are heavier, and the pallets and forklift trucks should be used, so it is also called pallet racking. The structure is concise and effective in the form of column piece + Crossbeam. According to the characteristics of storage unit set equipment such as: Stall, steel plate (wood plate), metal screen layer, storage cage guide, oil bucket rack and other functional accessories. It satisfies the storage of goods in the form of different unit sets.Steel Frame

               When choosing heavy-duty steel frame, the size, weight and stacking of pallets and cargo should be considered in order to determine the proper pillar and beam size. In addition, in order to improve the utilization of space, the channel can be reduced, with the special stacker to follow the regulation road, is the vertical storage space, that is, the narrow drift-type material frame.

              The heavy-duty shelves are assembled from columns, beams, transverse bracing, oblique bracing and self-locking bolts, which can effectively prevent the instability of the shelves after the bolts are loosened, and the crossbeam adopts a special cold rolled p-type closed girder, which is simple and reliable, light weight, strong bearing capacity, the low cost of the characteristics of the column and the column connected with a special design safety pins, can ensure that the beam will not fall off under the impact of external force; laminated plate adopts the international bar-like layer plate, which has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, abrasion resistance, simple replacement and low maintenance cost.Steel Frame

             Heavy-duty racking: cross-beam racking, heavy pallet racking, narrow-lane pallet racking, heavy-duty warehousing and logistics shelves.Steel Frame