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Features Of Steel Frame

             1. High strength: The combination structure of light steel skeleton and high strength bas inorganic lightweight core material, although it is lightweight board, has maintained the characteristic of large load-bearing capacity and high safety of traditional reinforced concrete heavy slab. It can not only meet the requirements of uniform load, but also have a strong concentrated bearing capacity, which is the ideal material for replacing traditional concrete roofing slab and floor slab.Steel Frame

            2. Durability: The selection and construction of a well-designed combination of design, so that the product design service life of up to 50 years: the core plate for inorganic materials, good stability, anti-aging, service life is equivalent to the concrete material; the steel wire diameter is above 3mm, the cover thickness is above 20mm and the moisture absorption rate is lower than 0.1%, the plate resists acid, alkali and so on the gas corrosion ability is strong, after 25 times freezes melts the circulation, the volume and the intensity almost has not

            3. Thermal insulation: The plate has excellent thermal insulation performance, the thermal conductivity of the material is low, and the heat transfer coefficient of the whole plate can be up to 0.3W/M2K, to meet the high cold area of building insulation energy requirements; The plate has excellent thermal insulation performance, the board outside the temperature to 900 ℃, the plate inside is only 50 ℃, is the ideal building thermal insulation in

            4. Refractory: The core plate uses the inorganic material, does not burn, and does not burst in the fire, does not have the poisonous gas release, is the fine refractory material, the entire board fire resistance limit is greater than 2 hours, satisfies the component the A class fire protection request.

            5. Waterproof: Steel skeleton light plate from the factory with a dedicated BAS composite impervious coating, combined with the roof waterproofing practices to form a reliable composite waterproof system, to solve the general light plate easily leakage problem.

             6. Explosion: To meet the special building roof, wall surface explosion fragile requirements. The experimental results show that the steel skeleton light plate steel skeleton will be retained in the main structure of the building, and the core material can be smashed in an instant, which will not cause secondary damage.Steel Frame

            7. Sound insulation: The average sound insulation of the plate more than 40db, to meet the auditorium and other advanced acoustic building sound insulation requirements.Steel Frame

            8. Earthquake resistance: Steel skeleton light plate belongs to the lightweight plate is advantageous to the earthquake resistance, coupled with the reasonable seismic node design, can meet the 8 degree earthquake fortification intensity request. And when the earthquake occurs, the secondary damage caused by the plate is small, which is the ideal component material in the earthquake zone.Steel Frame