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Equipment Classification Of Logistic Machinery Equipment

                Logistics machinery and equipment is the main symbol of the level of logistics technology, modern logistics equipment embodies the development of modern logistics technology. In recent years, our country's logistics equipment modernization, automation degree is high, its characteristic mainly manifests in: 1. The degree of socialization of equipment is more and more high, the equipment structure is more and more complex, and from research, design to production until the scrap of the various links between interdependent, mutual constraints. 2. Equipment has a "four" trend, that is, continuous, large-scale, high-speed, electronic, improve productivity. 3. Most energy-intensive equipment, energy consumption, and modern equipment investment and cost is very expensive, is capital-intensive, and thus improve the management of economic benefits for logistics enterprises is very important.Logistic Equipment

                Packaging equipment refers to the completion of all or part of the packaging process of machinery and equipment. Packaging equipment is to make the product packaging to achieve mechanization, automation of the fundamental guarantee. Mainly include filling equipment, canned equipment, sealing equipment, packaging equipment, labeling equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment, sterilization equipment.Logistic Equipment

                Loading and unloading equipment refers to the equipment used in the process of cargo handling to reduce manpower engineering. Mainly include: Lifting equipment (lifts, mobile lifts, elevators, etc.), regulating equipment (hydraulic control Board, boarding bridge, etc.), automotive handling equipment (car tail, aluminum alloy tail plate, etc.)

The unique position of transportation in logistics puts forward higher requirements for transportation equipment, which requires high speed, intellectualization, generalization, large-scale and safe and reliable characteristics of transportation equipment, in order to improve the operational efficiency of transportation, reduce the transportation cost, and make the transportation equipment reach the optimum utilization. According to different modes of transportation, the transportation equipment can be divided into trucks, freight cars, cargo ships, air transport equipment and piping equipment.Logistic Equipment