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Development Status Of Logistics Equipment

    Logistics machinery and equipment is one of the main operating tools of modern enterprises, is a reasonable organization of mass production and mechanized water operations basis. For third-party logistics enterprises, logistics equipment is the basis of material and logistics activities, reflecting the size of the logistics capacity of enterprises. Logistics equipment is the material basis of the logistics system, along with the development and progress of logistics, logistics equipment has been improved and developed. Many new equipment in the field of logistics equipment, such as four-way tray, elevated forklift, automatic sorting machine, automatic guided van (AGV), containers, etc., greatly reduced people's labor intensity, improve the efficiency of logistics operations And the quality of service, reducing the cost of logistics, logistics operations play an important role in the great promotion of the rapid development of logistics.Logistic Equipment

    Features: logistics equipment is the main symbol of the level of logistics technology, modern logistics equipment reflects the development of modern logistics technology. China's logistics equipment modernization, a higher degree of automation, its characteristics are mainly reflected in: the degree of socialization of equipment is getting higher and higher, more and more complex equipment structure, and from research, design to production until the end of the interdependence of each link ,Mutual restraint. Equipment, there have been "four" trend, that is, continuous, large-scale, high-speed, electronic, and improve productivity. Energy-intensive equipment, energy consumption; at the same time modern equipment investment and use of the cost is very expensive, is capital-intensive, and thus improve the economic efficiency of the logistics business is very important.Logistic Equipment

    Logistics equipment is the completion of logistics activities of the tools and means, is the organization of logistics and material technology base. Leaving a certain material and technical conditions, any logistics activities will be unable to carry forward the transport, storage custody, handling, circulation processing, packaging, information processing and so on need the corresponding logistics equipment. The so-called logistics equipment is necessary for the logistics activities necessary for complete sets of buildings and artifacts, the organization of physical circulation involved in a variety of machinery and equipment, transport, storage facilities, station, electronic computers, communications equipment.Logistic Equipment