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Detailed Description Of Powder Coating & Painting Performance

     It is composed of porous clapboard and container, the porous clapboard divides the container into upper and lower two parts. Its working process is this: to the partition below the container part of the compressed air, compressed air through the porous clapboard so that the above powder is not affected by air flow suspended, and in the upper container tumbling, showing "boiling" state. Powder Coating & Painting

     The preheated workpiece achieves the coating effect by "boiling" the powder area. The preheating temperature of the workpiece can be slightly higher than the melting temperature of the powder. In recent years, the fluidized bed technology has been improved, and the electrostatic powder is combined to form a static fluidized bed powder spraying, which has been widely used.Powder Coating & Painting

      In the oxy-acetylene flame, the powder is heated into a molten or semi molten state by spraying the high temperature of the muzzle at the 50m/s speed, until the desired thickness is reached on the preheated surface. Powder Flame spraying process is relatively simple, can be used for the spraying of the rail surface, as well as mechanical wear repair work. Hot-melt deposition is a process between the flame spraying and fluidized bed, the process is to preheat the workpiece to the powder melting temperature above, and then spray the powder with a spray gun, the workpiece heat to melt into a coating.Powder Coating & Painting

      Between the spray gun and the workpiece to form a high-voltage corona discharge electric field, when the powder particles from the muzzle spray through the discharge area, it will complement a large number of electrons, as a negatively charged particles, under the action of Electrostatic attraction, was adsorbed on the workpiece with positive charge up.Powder Coating & Painting

      When the powder adhesion to a certain thickness, it will occur "same-sex repel" The role, can not be adsorbed powder, so that the thickness of each part of the powder layer evenly, and then after heating baking powder laminar leveling into a uniform film layer.Powder Coating & Painting