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Corrugated Board Display Rack

              Corrugated cardboard display frame is a new type of corrugated board structure with the development of pop advertisement, which broadens the application field of corrugated board. Generally have floor, Mesa type and hanging type three categories. Corrugated board display has the advantages of green environment protection, convenient transportation, rapid assembly and so on, placed in the sales place, with the display of goods, conveying information, conducive to the role of sales.Display Rack

              With the rapid development of modern commodity retailing, as well as the increasing demands of global environmental protection, the market demand of corrugated cardboard display rack is getting bigger. At present, many paper packaging companies began to pay attention to the production and design of corrugated board display, improve product value-added. In addition, corrugated board display frame update speed is relatively fast, many companies hope to gain more profits, in human, material and financial resources to increase investment.

              In order to make the corrugated board display frame fully play its role, the design of the corrugated board display frame should focus on a series of psychological activities such as paying attention, interest, desire, memory and so on before consumer buys goods. In addition to displaying the function of pop advertisement in color, text and design elements, the display frame of corrugated board must satisfy the function of displaying the goods, conveying the information and selling the goods, and must have the individuation shape and structure design.Display Rack

              Through market research, in the same shopping malls, the same location, two of corrugated cardboard display rack sales of the same commodity, the lack of decorative design of the corrugated board is far from the other decorative pattern of compelling corrugated cardboard display set up the product sales effect is good, thus, decoration design on the corrugated board display fully display its function is critical, decorative design better corrugated board display.Display Rack