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Compressor Fence Installation Specification:

(A) 10kV and below the transformer and the surrounding fence around the fence or the distance between the wall should be considered the convenience of transport and maintenance of the transformer, the distance should not be less than 1m; in the direction of operation should be left more than 2m distance;

(B) the height of the transformer installed on the ground is usually 0.5m, the surrounding should be installed not less than 1.7m of the fence, and in the obvious part of the warning signs hanging;

 (3) 315kVA and below the transformer can be used on the pole installation. Its bottom from the ground should not be less than 2.5m;

 (4) the pole on the platform should be smooth and solid, the waist bar with Φ4.0mm iron wire wrapped around more than 4 laps, the wire should not have joints, should be tightened after the waist, the distance from the live part should not be less than 0.2m;

 (5) The position of the secondary insurance installation on the pole and ground change table shall meet the following requirements:

1) secondary side of the isolation switch, should be installed in the isolation switch and low voltage insulator between;

2) secondary side of the disconnector should be installed on the outside of the low-voltage insulator, and with the insulated wire across the insulation at both ends of the insulation line;

(6) All high and low voltage leads on pole and ground change shall be insulated conductors;

(7) When the transformer is installed near a factory with a general dust outlet, the distance shall not be less than 5m.