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Comparison Of PVC Fence With Common Guardrail

1.pvc fence in the connection of components, and other common fence is completely different, the general barrier most of the material although it is stainless, but because of the use of metal screws, still rust, it is its heel; some non-PVC Fence with metal-free (chemical) tenon connection is not strong. New PVC plastic rails are different, the use of unique processing equipment, the connection to the plastic parts, plus plastic hole cover, completely solve the final rust point and not solid, is the true sense of the never rust barrier, and has not Conductive and explosion - proof performance. The use of fully innovative tenon connection, so that the vertical bar and the bar, bar and column connection completely solve the common fence in the screw connection site will still quickly rust the major shortcomings.

2, PVC rail bar, columns are reinforced steel, the use of plastic connector socket, the installation is very simple, universal connections can be mounted on the slope and multi-azimuth column quickly installed appearance is not old, tough than wood. But more flexible and resistant to human and animal safety insurance, apply to schools, kindergartens, without paint, will not fade, peeling, cracking, bubbles, peeling and insects, bring their own reinforcement column, , Reducing the cost of the entire project. And the strength is higher than the stone base of the installation.

3, PVC fence to overcome the fence surface is not smooth and easy to rust the fatal flaw, we used to see the fence is coated off, rusty, monotonous, dull, very beautiful. The PVC steel rails used in the metal profile extrusion surface coated with vinyl plastic and plastic profiles of the production process, in the surface and the entire section by adding high-dose, different proportions of anti-aging agent, stabilizer, colorful, there are luster.

4, PVC fence products anywhere leakage of metal, the real insulation products for residential, substation, the real explosion-proof products, metal cracks can not hit the spark, apply to the gas station.