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Characteristics And Problems Of Logistic Equipment

    Features: Logistics equipment is the main symbol of the level of logistics technology, modern logistics equipment embodies the development of modern logistics technology. Our country's logistics equipment modernization, automation degree is high, its characteristic mainly manifests in: 1. The degree of socialization of equipment is more and more high, the equipment structure is more and more complex, and from research, design to production until the scrap of the various links between interdependent, mutual constraints. 2. Equipment has a "four" trend, that is, continuous, large-scale, high-speed, electronic, improve productivity. 3. Most energy-intensive equipment, energy consumption, and modern equipment investment and cost is very expensive, is capital-intensive, and thus improve the management of economic benefits for logistics enterprises is very important.Logistic Equipment
    Logistics equipment is to complete the logistics activities of tools and means, is the organization of logistics activities of the material and technical basis. Leaving certain material and technical conditions, any logistics activities will not be able to carry out. Transportation, warehousing, handling, flow and logistics equipment processing, packaging, information processing and other needs of the corresponding logistics equipment. The so-called logistics equipment is to carry out various logistics activities necessary for the complete set of buildings and artifacts, the organization of physical circulation involved in a variety of machinery and equipment, transport tools, warehousing facilities, stations, computers, communications equipment.Logistic Equipment
    Problem: The high speed development of logistics makes the advanced logistics equipment have been applied, but the development of logistics equipment in our country can not meet the requirements of new century logistics task in the whole, specifically, there are the following aspects: The Shan of logistics infrastructure construction is too little. For a long time, China's logistics infrastructure investment is less, development is relatively slow. Although in recent years has also built some more advanced warehousing and logistics facilities, but from the overall point of view, the low-end application is more, the 20th century 50-60 years of construction of the warehouse is still in use, automated three-dimensional warehouse and other high-end storage shelves system is rare, the use of computerized information management of modern warehouses less. Shan China is still in the initial stage of logistics equipment development, both lack of industry standards, and there is no industry organization, resulting in a variety of logistics equipment standards are not uniform, the link between the poor. Shan Logistics Equipment Suppliers a large number, but generally small size, development is not standardized. Shan Logistics enterprises only pay attention to the quality and selection of single equipment, not overall consideration of how the entire system to achieve optimal. Shan Most logistics enterprises still take price as the primary factor of choosing logistics equipment, and neglect the inspection of intrinsic quality and safety index. Shan part of logistics enterprises on the role of logistics equipment lack of sufficient understanding, in the system planning, design with blindness, resulting in the use of inconvenience or waste of resources. Shan Logistics Equipment Management has not been widely integrated into the content of logistics management, logistics equipment utilization rate is not high, equipment idle time longer.Logistic Equipment