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Bearing Mechanical Properties Of Steel Frame

The mechanical properties of cable-supported large-span portal frames are similar to that of general prestressed structures. The rigid frame beam, the force state of the column reduces the internal force peak of the external load and the deflection of the rigid frame beam, so that the internal force and deformation of the prestressed rigid frame are decreased greatly, and the bearing capacity of the rigid frame is increased and the stiffness of the structure is increased. It is not difficult to see that the force of the three-stage load is the loading-unloading-reloading process of the cable-bearing rigid frame from the three stages of the bending moment of the beam-column joints and the beams.Steel Frame

The prestressing effect is more obvious than traditional prestressed portal frame, it is not difficult to see from the rigid frame that the steel cable is not only the tensile force to the top of the column, but also the uplift of the rigid frame with the traditional prestressed structure compared with the pole.Steel Frame The upward force can counteract a large part of the vertical external load, so after the prestressed cable support portal frame is subjected to external load, the Liang final bending moment decreases or even the inverse number. The internal forces of prestressed cables and rods vary with the application of external loads, and the internal forces of cables and rods are significantly increased under the action of vertical loads, which play a significant role in the whole rigid frame.Steel Frame

To avoid the rigid frame beam in the plane instability for the general roof slope of the small real-time frame, the rigid frame beam of the axial force is small, so the design does not need to check the plane of the beam stability bearing capacity, and the plane of the beam outside the stability depends on purlin and corner support to ensure. The external stability of crossbeam in Prestressed portal frame is also ensured by Purlin and corner bracing, but the mechanical properties in the surface are different from the general frames.Steel Frame