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Analysis Of The Types Of Storage Rack

      There are many types of storage racks, such as multiple-layer storage racks, folding storage racks, attachment-type storage racks and automatic type storage racks. The commercial storage shelves are classified more carefully. The classification of storage racks: Storage racks 1, scattered pieces of storage racks: combined with back-hanging parts box and multi-purpose hook accessories, not only suitable for various types of material finishing, more suitable for small materials, tools, parts and a variety of special-shaped items for safekeeping classification, fully effective use of space. Hook with the square hole hanging plate, can arbitrarily transform the hole position, positioning fast, safe and secure, to meet the various tools of the fixed management, to save time to find; back hanging parts box and louver hanging plate with the use, hanging easy, with color labels, small materials, parts can use color management classification storage; 2, box loading storage racks: Can be divided into multi-layer display of goods, the following wheels, when not used can be folded, greatly saving the warehouse space; 3, stacking rack: can be folded stacking and foldable stacking two kinds, The non-standard shape goods such as tires are stored separately.Storage Rack
      The stability of shelves has always been one of the key problems in the design of warehouse shelf steel structure, and the extensive application of shelf steel system has highlighted the importance and urgency of stability research. It is necessary to introduce reliability analysis because there are many uncertainties in the design, construction and use of the steel structure system of warehouse shelves. Choose the shelves must be suitable for your warehouse characteristics, so before buying, must be their own planning, or let the shelves factory professional and technical personnel for you tailor-made, so that the utilization of your warehouse will be greatly increased, but also to the possibility of future problems may be minimized.Storage Rack
      Process problems. After the formation of the black parts of the shelves should be in addition to oil, rust, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high-temperature curing and many other links. The quality of powder is also a good difference between the points. Generally each shelf company has standard color, spraying standard color general cost is low. If you use a special color, change the powder will increase the duration, waste powder, so the cost will be relatively high. Supermarket shelves are commonly used in three kinds, one is the single side of the net or double-sided back-net, there is angle steel shelves, other racks, floats are also useful. The specific model rules are based on the graphic design of supermarkets and the placement of products. Storage shelves and warehouse shelves is one thing, he roughly divided into four kinds, heavy-duty shelves, medium-sized shelves, light shelves, and angle steel shelves, the specific rules are based on the size of the warehouse, height, as well as the items to be placed to determine.Storage Rack