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Advantages Of Laser Processing In Modern Development

      Automobile manufacturing enterprises are increasingly relying on laser technology to use high-strength steel processing, whether it is cutting, welding, or laser cladding welding, laser has an absolute cost advantage. The tools made of ductile iron are economical and easy to be processed. One of the problems is that the surface strength and wear resistance is relatively low, which makes it necessary to adopt a high-strength surface to withstand high loads, such as the use of welding technology.Laser Processing

      Laser Powder cladding welding is a kind of professional processing technology used by the project partner, the National Express Laser and Laser System Co., Ltd., which is usually referred to as direct metal cladding. In this process, the powder metallurgy material and the laser beam coaxial spraying on the molten pool formed on the surface of the component without preheating, the metallurgical powder is combined with the base metal to form a high strength metallurgical compound suitable for mechanical loading.Laser Processing

      Compared with the conventional welding technology, laser cladding Welding has a very important advantage, that is, a very low thermal effect. Not only that, in the heat-affected zone of minimizing the substrate, the hardness increases and the crack is almost invisible. Other positive aspects include low surface hardness dispersion and good friction coefficient, while the parent material has no obvious deformation, and the residual stress makes the crack not easy to form. In addition, the laser cladding technology can achieve the effect of the reprocessing process by means of automation.Laser Processing

      Burrs are another problem encountered in the process of high strength steel, laser cutting is suitable for this kind of processing, 3D laser cutting is especially suitable for this kind of metal sheet which has been formed. If the strength of steel reaches 1500MPa, it can only be achieved by laser cutting technology, there is no other more economical way to choose.Laser Processing

       In this case, investing in expensive shocks and cutting tools is not necessary. Because of the rigidity of the material, the service life of these tools will be very short. The advantages of laser cutting include short setting time, good adaptability to different workpiece and shape.Laser Processing