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According To Twitter, This Telco Cares The Most For Its Consumers

Social media is increasingly becoming the voice of the masses. You can follow trending topics, post your opinions and know what others are talking about. Ever since Twitter introduced its poll feature, a lot of organisations, brands and individuals have made use of it to get an insight into what people think. Twitter polls are soon becoming a reliable measure of popular opinion.

On 13 Mar, Srikapardhi Kala of Telecomtalk, a news and analysis site on the Indian telecommunication industry, conducted a poll asking Twitter users to rate which telecom operator has the best overall consumer experience. Airtel trumped with a clear 41 per cent. Out of the 493 votes the poll received, nearly 202 were in Airtel’s favour.

The poll results are a clear indication of why Airtel is India’s largest telecom company with 200 million plus subscribers. Keeping customers happy is not easy, but if testimonies of Airtel users are anything to go by, the company seems to be acing it.

So if you are an Airtel user, be rest assured. And if you are wondering which telecom operator to choose, well, this Twitter poll has done the job for you.