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Steel to the production capacity, the impact of stainless steel composite pipe fence manufacturers

In 2016, China's steel industry to produce a good effect, to the production capacity of the new requirements, but also to the target industry to further expand the scope of industry, but also on the stainless steel composite pipe guard manufacturers have a certain impact.

National People's Congress, Hebei Provincial Party Secretary Zhao Kezhi said Hebei Province this year will continue to vigorously reduce the iron and steel, coal, cement, flat glass, coking, electricity and other six major industry capacity. Among them, the reduction of steel production capacity of 15.62 million tons, iron and steel production capacity of 16.24 million tons, a total of 31.86 million tons.

Representatives of several industry representatives said that this year the steel industry to work capacity is mainly affected by two factors: this year to target production capacity will touch some of the production projects, the disposal of relatively large; steel prices continue to pick up, to some extent To the pressure of production capacity. Steel prices continue to heat up, but also lead to stainless steel composite pipe production costs rise, stainless steel composite pipe fence prices.