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Stainless steel composite pipe fence features:

 Now many of the bridge fence is the use of stainless steel composite barrier, this railing has a certain anti-rust properties, the appearance is also simple and elegant, many of the company's fence is also used in this stainless steel composite pipe fence. Although stainless steel with rust Of the characteristics, but if the long-term use is not a good maintenance, then there is no possibility of rust stains, so we recommend the majority of the construction industry, the regular maintenance of these stainless steel railings, maintenance time does not require more complex cleaning process, only The need for appropriate stainless steel railings to add some lubricant to maintain its lubrication effect, so the use of the latter part of the impact on the surface will not be so great. Simply speaking, stainless steel materials are based on the surface of the oxide film to maintain the surface Luster, this so-called oxide film has a certain degree of anti-rust ability, rusty invasion into the oxide film, the oxide film will automatically resolve the bacteria in the air, we can see the oxide film played the most fundamental role. We found that many children will use sharp tools to carve this stainless steel railings, destruction of the performance of the oxide film, so the manufacturer of polyurethane insulation tube called on citizens to maintain the life of the stainless steel railings.