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How to deal with zinc steel fence fade paint

Balcony fence is the balcony of the outer edge of the landscaping and protective facilities, from the alloy pipe after welding or assembly made. Common types of balconies are: iron balcony rails, aluminum alloy fence, PVC fence, and so on.

In the daily life of the balcony is often a place where people stacked debris, and some sharp items often scratch the surface of the balcony guardrail paint, after a long period of rain to play the wind, the fence will rust, we often paint on the rust Batch, fill the paint is also a certain method, the method is not how much is not the role. We have to prepare tools: sandpaper, brush, barrel paint or paint, paint selection of anti-rust paint, polyester-type finish, at least twice the paint. With sandpaper to the rust at the smooth grinding, rust off, exposing the smooth balustrade surface of the fence, the first whitewash to paint anti-rust paint evenly painted, after the paint is dry and then paint dry after the second, the second choice of poly Ester type topcoat the same uniform whitewash, pay attention to the surface smooth, until the paint dried up and done. If the balcony guardrail serious aging, then we must consider the replacement of the new.