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How to buy zinc steel fence

Zinc steel balcony rails on the material should try to choose the strength of the standard zinc steel material, for some soft quality of substandard materials should be avoided. The quality of the profile of the zinc-steel balcony rail is more important and should not use a small cross-section of zinc steel material to avoid the use of materials that are cut corners to avoid the impact on the quality and strength of the zinc steel balconies and can not withstand large winds The

Zinc steel balcony fence material should be as far as possible with anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion performance, to ensure rich colors beautiful, easy installation and durable performance characteristics.

Zinc steel balconies in the design of the time should be as much as possible to meet the requirements, can not be saved in order to save costs and cut corners, the upper installation of zinc steel balcony guardrail should ensure that the 400-500 mm fixed window installed 1100- Balcony fence, at the same time to ensure that do not design too wide In the closed balcony should choose zinc steel balcony fence, this can guarantee sufficient strength and safety.

Zinc steel balcony fence high sliding path should be installed in the room, so as not to rain the water leakage to the balcony, in the closed balcony to install zinc steel balcony fence, should try to use cement mud to fill, so as to ensure adequate shopping strength. Zinc steel balcony rails should be properly installed after installation, the concrete can be used when the fixed concrete rivets, and finally use the paint angle for reinforcement settings.